Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Welcome to Tom Stiles Thrillers the blog!

The deadly secret agent from down under.
Stiles does what ASIO can’t do

The very first book in the Tom Stiles Thrillers series is now available:

About the book
Black Ops Zulu: Pivotal Velocity is an action-packed thriller set in the bustling metropolis of Sydney. Tom Stiles, the new deadly secret agent from down under, is part philosopher, part killing machine. Follow his journey from family man and fraud investigator to elite Black Ops secret agent who has full authority to use deadly force to complete his covert missions.

Recent events have left Tom craving distraction in the form of adrenalin rush. When Tom’s lover dies in a catastrophic accident, her father Vlad, a Chechen Mafia member, makes a dangerous demand. This deadly favour gets Tom in deep with Cerberus, a criminal mastermind with links to international terrorism. When the Prime Minister of Australia appoints him as Chair of a new international fraud taskforce, Tom is left wondering if there is more to this than it seems.

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